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 "As a member of LVBCH since its inception, we have received significant benefits over the years. In 2013, we obtained significant savings in our medical plan ASO fees through the efforts of LVBCH. The opportunity to network with my peers in LVBCH is very valuable and the roundtables and employer forums provide excellent education on current health care issues." - Joe Huxta, Manager Health Care Strategy, Volvo Group North America 

 "Since employers are seeking solutions to the ever-escalating cost of health care, the LVBCH's pool purchasing initiative is the obvious benefit of membership. However, Coalition membership also provides networking opportunities with benefits professionals throughout the Lehigh Valley. The educational programs offered by the Coalition inform members on a spectrum of health issues that can impact health care costs. Additionally, the LVBCH's efforts to focus on quality can positively impact healthcare delivered in the Lehigh Valley." - Jeannine O'Callaghan, RN, BSN, Company Nurse, C.F. Martin & Co., Inc.

  "As a benefits broker in the Lehigh Valley, HMK is constantly pushing the carrier plans and discounts offered to LVBCH members. It only made sense for us to join, and become personally involved with the Coalition. This way we can effectively communicate--to our clients--all that LVBCH has to offer. From the educational programs and high quality of speakers to the opportunity to network with both local HR managers and high level carrier personnel - the LVBCH has much more to offer than a discount on your group health insurance." - Todd M Linn, CIC. Group Benefits Manager, Hampson Mowrer Kreitz Insurance

"Avago Technologies (formerly LSI) has been an active member of the Coalition for a number of years. The pooled purchasing initiatives have resulted in substantial medical cost savings for our company. The educational programs, such as the roundtable events, are very informative and keep us up-to-date on the latest developments in the health care industry. Last, but certainly not least, membership provides excellent networking opportunities with other benefits professionals in the area. With this network in place, we can exchange ideas and benchmark our offerings, programs, and policies with other Valley employers." Mark Younes, Senior Benefits Manager, Avago Technologies

"The Lehigh Valley Business Coalition on Healthcare provides B. Braun Medical Inc. with opportunities to reduce our health care costs through their pooled purchasing arrangements that are in place with various health care vendors. Through these pooled purchasing arrangements, B. Braun has been able to reduce health care costs by taking advantage of lower administrative vendor fees. The Coalition, which has been in business in the Lehigh Valley for the past 25 years, also shares with member companies health care data in order to promote and improve the quality and cost effectiveness of health care in the Lehigh Valley. In addition, through the LVBCH sponsored bimonthly roundtable meetings, our benefits staff is kept informed of relevant health care topics." - Myrna Rivera, Director, Corporate Benefits & Compensation, B. Braun Medical Inc.

"Essroc's membership in the Lehigh Valley Business Coalition on Healthcare provides us with lower administrative fees for our self-insured medical plan. These cost savings are generated through a pooled purchasing initiative. We would not have otherwise been able to negotiate similar discounts with a large medical provider on our own. Our membership in the coalition also provides us with an excellent opportunity to network with other medical benefits professionals in the Lehigh Valley. We participate in the various educational workshops and roundtable meetings designed to share important health care topics that may affect our employees and their families. The access to timely heath care information and trends at the local, state and national levels also enables us to address longer-term medical plan design issues and enhances our ability to effectively manage our health care costs." Paul Chuckalovcak, Benefits Manager, Essroc

"Lehigh University values the expertise and experience that Coalition members bring to the organization's purchasing and vendor evaluation work. We have great confidence in the efforts of the Coalition's many knowledgeable benefit practitioners--from member organizations as well as the Coalition's own staff. Their due diligence allows us to provide our employees with excellent benefit programs from quality providers at competitive costs." Tim Hinkle, Human Resources Associate, Lehigh University